We need books. But not just any old book. Our vets
deserve the very best. New Books. Or like new books.
No garage sale items for our soldiers. And authors,
how about writing something special on the inside and
autographing it for that special soldier? That is not too
much to ask for our heroes. Jump in on this project.
Let our veterans know our appreciation.  This is not
about politics or how you feel about war. This is for
the brave men and women who put there lives on the
line for us and did what they were called to do.  
Without them there would be no First Amendment.
And without the First Amendment, where would we
writers be?
Ralph Gordon, MWG Vice-President
We may not all agree on the war, but we support our American Troops and Our Vets
Mississippi Writers Guild Books For Vets
Everyone knows someone who served in the
military. Everyone can do something to bring a bit
of entertainment into this soldier's life. What can
writers do for our veterans? Donate books to our
men who served our country. Sons. Daughters.
Brothers. Sisters. Nieces. Nephews. Grandsons.
Grand-daughters. Friends. Sons of Friends.
Read U. S. History Here
MWG's original goal was to donate
1,000 books to veterans by the close of

By May 2009, thanks to Ann Burkes, that
goal was reached and exceeded by
6,520 books!
UPDATE!! 11,500
books have been delivered.
Enjoy pictures below
I don’t remember my dad having a pain free day.  He was severely wounded while
serving in the United State Navy during the invasion of Iwo Jima in World War II.  
My son and my son-in-law are both career military men. They have both served
multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Other Guild members also have
family in the military. Richelle’s son is making a career in the United States Army.  
He has also served in Iraq.  Her father is a veteran of the Korean War. When the
idea of collecting books for Vets was presented at the table of a Board meeting, I
felt compelled to spearhead the project. I’m glad I did.

MWG originally set its goal at a thousand books.  That number seemed a little out
of reach, but we went for it. Since the first of the year Dan, Richelle, and I have
collected and delivered more than eight thousand books to Veterans facilities in
Mississippi and Memphis. Jamie O’Quinn met Dan, Richelle, and me in Collins as
we delivered five hundred books to a state operated vets home there.

Ann Burkes of Decatur helped make Books for Vets the success that it was. Her
late husband had amassed and read some seven thousand books.  When Ms.
Burkes heard of the project, she called me and offered us the books.

Seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of these True American Heroes as we
delivered the books made every one of the fifteen hundred miles we drove worth
it.  One particular incident stands out in my mind. As Dan and I were delivering
books to the VA Hospital in Memphis, we noticed a gentleman in a wheelchair. He
was waiting for a ride home and it was obvious he was not having a good day. I
asked him if would like to have a book. He told me he liked to read science fiction.
I reached into a box of two hundred books and the first one pulled out was
science fiction.  Dan suggested I give him another book.  I reached into the box
again and pulled out another science fiction book.

The gentlemen thanked us repeatedly. But it is he and his fellow Soldiers, Sailors,
Marines and Airmen who deserve the thanks.  Without these men and women we
would not be able to enjoy our precious First Amendment, nor for that matter the
other Nine.

Thank you members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces and may God
bless you all.
Another Truck Load!
Ann Burkes
Richelle and Pat in the Veterans
Library, Meridian, MS after delivering
boxes of books.
Ralph Gordon, Dan Lee, Jamie
O'Quinn, and Richelle Putnam
travel to Collins, MS to deliver
books to the local Veterans Home.
Another delivery!!
Avid reader and Veteran Evans Lane Williams

600 - State Vets Home Kosciusko

2500 - VA Hospital Biloxi

500 - State Vets Home Collins

200 - VA  Hospital Jackson

700 - State Vets Home Jackson

500 - Red Cross Veterans Service Center

2500 - VA Hospital, Memphis, TN

4000 - Newton County American Legion -
shipped to U.S. troops in Iraq


11500 Total Collected and delivered

7500 books donated by Ann Burkes retired
instructor and librarian ECCC  Decatur, MS

4000 Books - various donors
Robin Jones,
Activity Asst. &
Jamie O'Quinn
Andrea Booth
Activity Asst.
Dan Lee
Robin Jones