Robert Ray, Member-At-Large-Central, MS
Robert J. Ray was born in Meridian, MS.  He is a certified
substance abuse counselor and trainer of trainers.  He has
been in the counseling field for thirty years.  He currently
works at a private prison for dual diagnosis inmates as a
substance abuse counselor.  Mr. Ray is a family herbalist who
works with families who has a member with cancer giving
them information about alternative ways to get recovery from
this and other killer diseases.  He is a Swedenborgian and a
district associate of the Swedenborg Foundation distributing
free books.  He also has an affection for reading, writing plays,
movies, and visiting the family plantation for some solitude.

Robert J. Ray's first book is The Black and White Race
Rationale or Why These Two Races Behave The Way They Do.  
It is a non-fiction sharing the genuine truths about these two
American races. He leads the reader through a history of the
love hate relationship between the black and white American

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