Jackson Chapter, Lydia Dell Chapter Head
Jackson Chapter, Lydia Dell
Lydia Dell has been writing most of her life.  Publication has never been a goal but
hasn't diminished her passion for writing. She was with the Millsaps Writing Program
and ran the Writing Center there for ten years, co-teaching the Teaching Writing
course required to work in the Writing Center, along with continuation training for the
staff.  She has been a teacher consultant with the MSU Writing Project since 1995.  
She is a current member of The Assembly for Expansion of Perspective on Learning
(AEPL) and a former board member for the JSU Writing Project. She made writing a
strong focus of both her bachelor's and master's degrees from Millsaps College
focusing on writing in all disciplines and has taken numerous additional writing
courses. She also attended, assisted in designing, and participated in many writing
workshops including faculty workshops, MSU Writing as Art and Craft, Gulf Coast
Writing Conference, MSU Writing/Thinking Project, and Brown University Writing
Conference. She has also edited several company newsletters.

The Jackson Chapter meets the third Wednesday of each month at Basil's
Restaurant in Belhaven.  Please contact
Lydia for meeting information.
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