Articles on the craft of writing
A Few Writing Tips:
1.  Read
2.  Write
3. Discover who you are as
a writer
4. Discover what you want
to be as a writer
5. Discover why you want
to be a writer
6 Educate yourself on how
to be a writer
7. Be content in where you
are as a writer
8. Strive to become the
writer you want to be
9. Join a writers group
10. Believe in yourself
11 Conquer your fears
Learn the Craft:

Read lots of good how-to's.
Attend writer workshops,
conferences. Take some
writing courses.  And more
importantly: read, read, read
Publisher Guidelines:
Failure to follow simple
writer guidelines is one of
the main reasons
manuscripts end up in the
slush pile.  
One crucial step missing
between self-publishing and
traditional publishing? The
Editor. So find a respected,
well-established editor
before sinking money into
self-publishing your book.

Mississippi Writers Guild seeks articles for its website and
quarterly newsletter on every aspect of writing: fiction,
nonfiction, screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, songwriting,
and commercial writing, agents, marketing, etc.

We need beginner, intermediate, and advanced articles that
teach how to write with good detailed writing examples and
prompts. Articles should be between 800-1200 words.
Personal experience essays on writing are not needed.

Payment: $20 for first print/electronic rights; $7 for
reprints. Payment on publication.

Rights: For original articles: First electronic/print rights and
nonexclusive right to archive article on the Mississippi
Writers Guild website for one year. By written request,
authors may withdraw their articles from the archives. For
reprints: Nonexclusive electronic rights and the right to
archive articles online for one year.

Response Times: We try to respond to submissions within
one month.

Submissions: Email article and a short bio in the body of an
email to: Please designate in the
subject line what category of writing your article pertains to.